Canada China Importing

Canada China ImportingCanada China Importing

May 17, 2011Posted by David Howse

Canada China Importing


Being skilled at Canada China Importing required an understanding of CHinese Culture.

Once you’ve decided that you want to do business in China the next thing you need to do is learn Chinese culture.

China has two main dialects, Mandarin and Cantonese. Mandarin is the predominant language and the one you should focus on learning.

Beyond learning Mandarin (you don’t need to spend years learning it, just 30-40 hours of tutoring) you should learn a few customs.

Canada China Importing

When you hand your “name card” to someone in China, use two hands. Your name card should be written in Chinese and English. Be sure to add our Country Code to your phone number – 001.

Negotiating is the trickiest aspect of Chinese culture. I’d love to write out how to do it but it would take me days to do so.

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