How cheap are goods from China?

Canadian in Chinahow cheap are goods from china?

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June 22, 2016. Posted by David Howse.

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June 22, 2016. Posted by David Howse

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April 29, 2011. Posted by David Howse



Go to the Hudson Bay or some other mid-scale retailer and look for the above product. What you will find is something very similar for about $50. Now if your cost is $9.00 and your landed cost is $14.00 then there is $36.00 of negotiating room with a retailer. Or, better yet, if you are the retailer, you can make $36.00 off a $14.00 purchase.



I blurred the name of the company in the above picture. The representative stated that they were the supplier for Shoppers Drugmart here in Canada. I sat with them and reviewed their pricing. And, much like the tea cups, a 10 pack of plastic dental pics (you know the ones shaped like a Y that either floss goes across or another thin piece of plastic) sell at $0.18US with an end price much much higher.

Any well organized business not sourcing its own products is at a massive disadvantage.